Garment Manufacturer

- Mar 25, 2019-

When you have more clothes, you will be familiar with the craftsmanship. It is in the way that the clothes made are smoother and more natural.
For beginners, it is still too little to do. It is impossible for you to do it for a few months, that is, you can control the machine and use it properly.
Look at the clothing factory that has been working for a few years, if the factory where you are located does not change often, or the level of crafts will be average.
And this, for the clothing manufacturers to do fashion, the staff process is not good, may not be able to do it for a month, can not get used to the factory to change jobs.

It is the communication between the versionwriter and the sampler who is like a good friend. People who are very self-sufficient, even if they are at a good level, are also alone in the forest and are blown by the wind.